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In this article we’ll explore getting started with automated machine learning with ML.NET using C# code to solve a classification problem involving video game parental guidance ratings.

This article comes with an accompanying GitHub repository containing a .NET 6 console app that can train itself to evaluate video games and…

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Nowadays it seems like everyone wants a job in the data science field. But data science is a field with far more than a single type of job.

In this article we’ll briefly explore the Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Database Administrator, and AI Engineer roles and explore how…

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Hi, I’m Matt and I’m a data scientist.

But what is data science anyway?

There are a number of formal definitions out there on data science, but if I had to give a simple definition for new data scientists, it’d be this:

Data Science is the ongoing disciplined and scientific…

6 Principles to help govern the ethical design and operation of machine learning systems

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I recently discovered Microsoft’s responsible AI principles while studying for the Azure AI Fundamentals certification. I found it immensely reassuring that the first thing Microsoft stressed in my studies was the importance of responsible and ethical design of artificial intelligence systems.

Ethics in AI is incredibly important because it can…

A high-level introduction to the awesome ready-made AI solutions for text, vision, speech, and more

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Microsoft Azure offers an umbrella service known as Cognitive Services. This service provides AI capabilities that you can integrate into your existing applications through a single managed area.

While you could accomplish the things in Azure Cognitive Services yourself using machine learning, Azure Cognitive Services offers ready-made polished capabilities that…

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