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This article is a step-by-step diagnostic guide for working through common issues with web services. The article assumes that you have a web client and a server and are trying to get the two of these to communicate but are having issues.

Web Services and Complexity

Code is complicated and many things can go wrong. However, when you add web communications to the mix, a much larger amount of issues can occur beyond compiler and logic errors.

Some things that can go wrong include:

  • Network issues prevent you from talking to the other server
  • The other server might be down for maintenance
  • New code…

Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are incredibly important in modern software development where applications need to be able to communicate with many other systems and sources of data. However, providing and using APIs adds a great deal of complexity to software development which makes things difficult for first-time learners.

In this article we’ll examine the concept and typical usage of an API as well as the details of the requests and responses that power modern web development.

This article is written without a specific programming language or server technology in mind (e.g. ASP .NET …

In this article, I’ll share my study resources and plan for the Azure AZ-900 exam that results in the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification.

Note: Microsoft exams evolve over time and may change without notice. This guide represents the author’s best knowledge of the AZ-900 exam as of Q1 2021, but you should always consult Microsoft’s official exam page for the contents of the exam.

What is Azure Fundamentals?

Azure Fundamentals is a broad certification that covers a wide degree of breadth in Azure services, concepts, and policies. …

Let’s talk about certifications.

And, with that last short sentence, I’ve triggered a good portion of readers. Programming certifications tend to be a very polarizing topic, and I think it’s worth talking about the good and the bad.

In this article, I’ll briefly summarize the traditional arguments around certification, and then talk about why I think that’s the wrong conversation to be having about these things.

The Traditional Argument

First of all, detractors (and there are many) will point out that certifications have a number of flaws including:

  • They do not necessarily represent real-world skills
  • Test question dumps tend to be available for…

This might be a weird article.

A few years ago I saw the terrific movie “Arrival” and it changed how I look at language. A little later, I encountered F# for the first time and it changed the way I look at programming languages.

In this article I’m going to walk you through the basics of some of the theories touched upon in Arrival and then pivot into the role of language in programming. …

This article is part of the C# Advent Series check it out for more articles from others in the community

I love C#. I’ve been working with the language since 2001 and still view C# as my favorite and primary programming language, despite growing to love many other languages as well since then. However, this year has been eye-opening for me as I’ve gotten a glimpse into how others learn programming and the problems C# has with new developers.

This year I left software engineering and became an instructor at Tech Elevator, a full-stack C# and Java bootcamp. I am…

I’ve been living a lie. For 20 years of professional software development, I had convinced myself that I didn’t enjoy database development.

I was wrong.

It turned out that I was getting stuck on the repetitive nature of database code and query generation, instead of the core problems we solve when building database applications.

In this article I’ll discuss why I hated working with databases as a C# developer, and the tools and libraries I found that proved me wrong.

What’s Wrong with Database Development?

It’s not that I thought databases weren’t important — they are critically important to the majority of professional software applications…

Starting a new job can be exciting, intimidating, and frustrating. The first few weeks can set the tone for how you are perceived in the organization as well as your opportunities to succeed in your new role. Here are my thoughts on how to start strong at your new job.

I’ve been around long enough to recognize how vital it is to take the first few weeks seriously and have a solid plan for getting yourself up to speed.

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So, in no particular order, let’s talk about the things that I find are the most helpful to keep in mind…

How an Open Source implementation of Silverlight aims to use Web Assembly to Compete with Blazor and Modern JavaScript Frameworks

OpenSilver has recently made its presence known and announced that Silverlight, like disco, is in fact not dead and is still more relevant than ever — albiet in a fairly changed form.

As a former Silverlight developer and XAML specialist, let me lay out for you what Silverlight was, how OpenSilver is different, and my initial take on whether this matters (and who it might matter to).

XAML and The Foundation of Silverlight

If you’re like many new developers I speak with, you may not be familiar with Silverlight or even XAML, so let me set the stage for you.

Back in 2006 Microsoft released .NET…

Let me show you how creative use of TypeScript’s discriminated unions, type aliases, and functions can give you a greater degree of flexibility in your own code.

I’m going to do this by illustrating how these techniques addressed a problem that I was trying to solve and then talk about some additional ideas on how these techniques can be applied.

The Problem I’m Solving

I’m building a text-based game for a few talks I’ll be giving this spring. …

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